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Kevin Achi
Houston, Texas 
3 Months Transformation


Upon graduating and beginning a career in Engineering, I thought it was just the time to begin my weight loss journey. 

And just in time, shredded to the core informed me he was upgrading his MEAL PLAN and wanted to use me as a test subject. I agreed to being his lab rat to the newly upgraded meal plan and I must say, this is one of the best agreement I have made considering what I looked like 3 months ago to who I am now.

I tried both the Weight Loss and Muscle Gain Meal Plan which the preparation was delicious, quick and easy following the instructional video included. The best part for me knowing how much I like to eat was actually eating a lot of food and spending less time at the gym. Shredded to the core let me know if you need a lab rat again.

Piero Levano
Lima, Peru
4 Months Transformation
shredded to the core, shrdded to the core transformation

Daily Workout Routine Review

I am a college student, who was really never into fitness until I met Shredded to the core, whom I think looks amazing. When I contacted him to ask how he did it, He told me that it did not take too much or too long to look the way I want. This is when he introduced me to his workout routine, which I started from the fall semester that starts September and goes through December, and in a total of 4 months I gained 15 lbs, by increasing my body weight from 155 lbs to 170 lbs,  in the picture above. Thank you Shredded to the core! And I plan on continuing these workouts because this is just the beginning for me to reach my goal.

Nghia Pham
Hanoi, Vietnam
5 Months Transformation
shredded to the core, shrdded to the core transformation
shredded to the core, shrdded to the core transformation

Full Body Workout Routine Review

Shredded to the core you are the most amazing person, and I am glad to have met you.

I always admire fit guys with six-pack, but never thought I could be like these guys or even get big at all. When I asked shredded to the core if he thought I could get big, he said yes I can! even though I did not think I could. He gave me his workout routine to follow, which I started immediately in April and by August I changed from 150 lbs to 170 lbs, gaining 20 lbs of muscle. It was unbelievable to me. I never thought I could get big and have six-pack like the guys I always admire. This routine is great and thank you again shredded to the core for believing in me.

Ashton Negeri

Torrance, California

7 Months Transformation

shredded to the core, shrdded to the core transformation

Full Body Workout Routine Review

One word to explain this workout routine “INCREDIBLE” I can not use words to thank Shredded to the core for not only helping me change my body but also giving me the knowledge on how to build muscle and shape my body to what it is right now. I started the full body workout routine on September 2016 and the picture you see above is taken today on April 2017. I was about 175 lbs at first not as lean, no muscle, then came down to 159 in the first two months, now I weigh 170 with lean muscle and no fat. This is the best shape I have ever been in my life and I must say it feels great. I am thankful and always will be for all the assistance and help from shredded to the core. Thank you bro.

Shredded to the core
4 Months to 2 Years Transformation 

This is my very own workout routine. I achieved the first phase of my transformation in 4 months over the summer, starting in the month of April at 160 lbs and gained 20 lbs by August which kept me at 180 lbs over the span of summer. I still remember how surprised and amazed everyone was on the first day of school on that month of August, seeing the skinny guy who changed from the picture on the far left to the middle picture you see above. It felt really good, and from then I continued training and following my routine (shredded to the core workout routine), and I have made gradual change from the middle picture at 180 lbs to the right picture at 193 lbs over a total of 2 years. I am really happy for the changes I have made up to this day, and glad to see that people using my routine are making even better changes to their body. 

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